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Larry Loeb

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Larry Loeb has written for many of the last century's major "dead tree" computer magazines, having been, among other things, a consulting editor for BYTE magazine and senior editor for the launch of WebWeek. He wrote for IBM's DeveloperWorks site for seven years and has written a book on the Secure Electronic Transaction Internet protocol. His latest book has the commercially obligatory title of Hack Proofing XML. He's been online since uucp "bang" addressing (where the world existed relative to !decvax), serving as editor of the Macintosh Exchange on BIX and the VARBusiness Exchange.

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Salaries Will Increase for Cybersecurity Jobs, Survey Says

After another record-setting year for cybercrime, security professionals are in line for a well-deserved raise, according to recent research. The “Robert Walters Salary Survey 2018” predicted that salaries for cybersecurity jobs around...

Cybersecurity Incidents Doubled in 2017, Study Finds

2017 was another record year for cybercrime. According to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), the number of cybersecurity incidents nearly doubled from the previous year. This led Jeff Wilbur, director of the OTA initiative at the Internet Society, to...

Creating an Incident Response Checklist to Prepare for a Data Breach

Today's advanced threats require a comprehensive incident response plan to minimize damage and recover normal operations as quickly as possible in the wake of a data breach.

No Degree, No Problem: Preparing Students for New Collar Jobs Through Alternative Education

Many organizations across multiple sectors are creating new collar job opportunities to embrace the skills of aspiring professionals who lack traditional four-year college degrees.

Roughly Half of Cybersecurity Incidents Due to Employee Negligence and Weak IT Security Policies, Report Says

Only 12 percent of employees fully understand their organization's IT security policies and human error accounts for nearly half of all cybersecurity incidents, according to a recent report.

Asia-Pacific Lags in Dwell Time, Study Reveals

The median dwell time for companies located in Asia-Pacific is nearly twice as long as that of organizations based in other parts of the world, according to a recent study.

Opera Offers First Built-In Cryptojacking Protection Tool

The beta version of Opera 50 is the first major browser to offer a built-in mechanism that blocks cryptojacking, a new form of malware that leverages a victim's CPU to mine cryptocurrency.

The Past, Present and Future of DNS Security

As the fabric of the internet evolves, security professionals must be aware of DNS security threats, such as DDoS attacks and schemes designed to direct users to malicious websites.

Visa Study: Consumers Want Biometric Authentication, Not Passwords

A recent Visa study found that U.S. consumers prefer biometric authentication methods to traditional passwords, and even believe them to be more secure.

Security Vulnerabilities in RFC-1342 Enable Spoofing and Code Injection Attacks

Security vulnerabilities stemming from improper handling of non-ASCII characters in email headers could enable fraudsters to launch spoofing attacks.