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Larry Loeb

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Larry Loeb has written for many of the last century's major "dead tree" computer magazines, having been, among other things, a consulting editor for BYTE magazine and senior editor for the launch of WebWeek. He wrote for IBM's DeveloperWorks site for seven years and has written a book on the Secure Electronic Transaction Internet protocol. His latest book has the commercially obligatory title of Hack Proofing XML. He's been online since uucp "bang" addressing (where the world existed relative to !decvax), serving as editor of the Macintosh Exchange on BIX and the VARBusiness Exchange.

Written By Larry Loeb

The Threat Model of 2017

If a threat model assumes a system is operating within certain parameters, changes in the threat environment could trigger unintended second-order effects.

Browser Malware Skunks Tor

Security-focused web browser Tor was compromised by browser malware last week. Researchers also found ransomware hiding on the Tor network.

Backdoor Trojan Spread Via ‘Steganography’

The backdoor Trojan known as Stegoloader infects its victims through a website offering fraudulent activation keys for pirated software.

Locky Ransomware Spread Via Facebook Messenger

Security researcher Bart Blaze discovered that cybercriminals have been spreading Locky ransomware using the Facebook Messenger app.

Browsers to End SHA-1 Support in 2017

Some of the biggest names in the web browser game — namely, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla — plan to stop accepting insecure SHA-1 certificates in 2017.

RIG-E Exploit Kit Delivers New CryptoLuck Ransomware

The recently discovered CryptoLuck ransomware is distributed by the RIG-E exploit kit, suggesting that it may target a large pool of victims.

Researchers Try to Create Malware Chip

The NSF is sponsoring an attempt to build a malware chip capable of detecting anomalies in system processes and alerting local security software.

Privacy Protection Meets State Surveillance in Europe

The EU's upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect how businesses around the world approach privacy protection.

Survey Shows Financial Cybersecurity Threats Increasing

Financial cybersecurity is more important than ever, according to a recent survey. Two-thirds of respondents reported suffering an attack in the past year.

Exaspy Spyware Is Available as a Service

Exaspy spyware, which infects Android phones to intercept text messages, emails and other communications, is available as a commodity service online.