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Larry Loeb

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Larry Loeb has written for many of the last century's major "dead tree" computer magazines, having been, among other things, a consulting editor for BYTE magazine and senior editor for the launch of WebWeek. He wrote for IBM's DeveloperWorks site for seven years and has written a book on the Secure Electronic Transaction Internet protocol. His latest book has the commercially obligatory title of Hack Proofing XML. He's been online since uucp "bang" addressing (where the world existed relative to !decvax), serving as editor of the Macintosh Exchange on BIX and the VARBusiness Exchange.

Written By Larry Loeb

Cybersecurity Awareness Varies By Demographic, Survey Reveals

According to a recent survey, baby boomers exhibit more cybersecurity awareness than their millennial counterparts — but not by much.

Cybercrime Group FIN7 Takes Phishing Attacks to the Next Level

A cybergang known as FIN7 has been using OLE command files to spread its malware and identify potential victims for additional phishing attacks.

Social Security Numbers Put Personal Data at Risk

Social Security numbers act as unique identifiers and, if compromised by fraudsters, can put individuals' personal data at risk.

Login Lockdown: Six Account Protection Tips for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Enterprises and individual users should follow these six account protection tips not just during National Cyber Security Anwareness Month, but year-round.

Sink or Swim: Uniting the C-Suite, Sales and Security to Fight Advanced Cyberattacks

An advanced cyberattack can sink an entire company if it doesn't put the proper lifeboats in place and foster collaboration between disparate departments.

IoT Security Has a Growing Effect on Public Key Infrastructure, Survey Says

According to a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute, IoT security needs will drive increased use of public key infrastructure over the next two years.

Malware Mines Monero on Vulnerable Servers

Security researchers reported that threat actors have been targeting vulnerable servers to mine for cryptocurrency since about May 2017.

Mobile Stock Trading Apps Vulnerable to Attack

Over 20 mobile apps commonly used for stock trading are not very secure, according to recent security research.

ISPs May Be Colluding With FinFisher Surveillance, According to Researchers

FinFisher campaigns may be using ISPs to infect users' machines. This is the first time that ISPs have been detected as an infection mechanism.

Security Utility Abuses Supply Chain for a Malware Attack

CCleaner was compromised at the main distribution site to include a malware attack. The Floxif attack is a downloader that breached the app supply chain.