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Larry Loeb

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Larry Loeb has written for many of the last century's major "dead tree" computer magazines, having been, among other things, a consulting editor for BYTE magazine and senior editor for the launch of WebWeek. He wrote for IBM's DeveloperWorks site for seven years and has written a book on the Secure Electronic Transaction Internet protocol. His latest book has the commercially obligatory title of Hack Proofing XML. He's been online since uucp "bang" addressing (where the world existed relative to !decvax), serving as editor of the Macintosh Exchange on BIX and the VARBusiness Exchange.

Written By Larry Loeb

The ATM Card May Be Replaced by Smartphones

The traditional plastic ATM card may soon be replaced with smartphones, using near-field communications and other modern technologies.

Public Wi-Fi in NYC Goes Live

New York City has begun the rollout of its public Wi-Fi kiosks, but corporate users should be aware of potential security risks before connecting.

The Tor Project Raises $200K Through Crowdfunding

The Tor Project recently announced that it raised more than $200,000 from thousands of donors, enabling the company to launch new initiatives.

File Sharing Puts Enterprise Data at Risk, Report Says

The oversharing of enterprise data through shadow IT practices can lead to security issues regarding that information, including data leaks.

TeslaCrypt Ransomware: Not as Smart as It Thought

The ransomware TeslaCrypt was defeated by a community effort, but cybercriminals have fought back to create a version that can remain active.

ICS-CERT Reports Increase in FY2015 Infrastructure Attacks

The U.S. Industrial Control System Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) reported an increase in critical infrastructure incidents in FY2015.

Medical Devices Enter the Age of Cybersecurity

The FDA recently issued draft guidelines regarding the cybersecurity of medical devices. What does this mean for the health care industry?

IBM Targets Online Fraud by Scooping Up IRIS Analytics

IBM recently acquired IRIS Analytics and its security system, which is designed to combat real-time payment fraud with the help of machine learning.

Security Updates End for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10

Internet Explorer is ending security updates for its IE8, 9 and 10 versions, pushing users to the most modern version of the browser.

Spymel: The Latest Malware Using Digital Certificates

Malware named Spymel uses compromised digital certificates to gain access to Windows XP and Windows 7 machines and then execute malicious acts.