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Laurène Hummer

Offering Manager for IAM Services, IBM Security

Laurène Hummer is the offering manager for Identity and Access Management Services at IBM. In this role, she defines, designs and delivers service offerings that help solve our customers’ toughest IAM challenges. With a background in product marketing, Laurène is passionate for understanding the market and telling compelling client stories. Before that, she got the taste for solving hard problems while working as a process design engineer in the petroleum and renewable energy industries. Laurène earned a BA in chemical engineering and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Written By Laurène Hummer

Protect Your ‘Matrix’ With Strong Privileged Access Management

"The Matrix" shows the damage that a rogue actor can cause by gaining privileged access to a digital environment. Privileged access management tools can help security teams keep their networks secure.

Building Resilience Against Evolving Technology: An Interview With a Cyber Risk Expert

According to IBM cyber risk expert Tim Roberts, security professionals must do a better job of communicating with top management as the technology landscape evolves and new threats emerge.

Mind the Gap With IBM Data Risk Manager: The Data Risk Security Platform for the C-Suite

Our sensitive data is exposed to more internal and external threats, heightening the data risk more than ever before.

Security Specialists Discuss Identity and Access Management in the Age of Ransomware

Security teams should follow identity and access management (IAM) best practices to avoid widespread ransomware attacks such as WannaCry and NotPetya.

And Don’t Be Falling in Love as Security Services Experts Are Walking Away

Security professionals and enthusiasts will have many opportunities to connect with security services experts at IBM InterConnect 2017.

Security Starts With People: Three Steps to Build a Strong Insider Threat Protection Program

To protect their organizations from an insider threat, IT managers should take steps to reduce exposure of data and enhance detection capabilities.

Security Starts With People: Know Who They Are, Know What They Do

Technology is great, but security starts with people. The best way to prevent a data breach is to know the people in your organization.

What’s Wrong With SMS Authentication? Two IBM Experts Weigh In on the NIST Recommendation

IBM experts Dustin Hoff and Ashish Malhotra discussed ways for businesses and end users to mitigate security issues stemming from SMS authentication.

Get the Identity Governance Scoop: Interview With an Expert

To learn more about identity governance and intelligence, we interviewed Andy Taylor, one of IBM's identity and access management specialists.

May the Best IAM Program Win: Four Steps to Shoot for the Gold

A mature IAM program optimized to a business's objectives and the unique circumstances surrounding it can minimize the risk of data breaches.