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Laurie Gibbett

Security Specialist, IBM

Laurie Gibbett is a Security Specialist on the UK IBM Security Associate Partner Team. In her role, Laurie assists clients and the Security business unit in consulting, sales and delivery across all core domains. Outside of work, Laurie enjoys yoga, body combat, photography and venturing back to her hometown in North Devon to catch a few waves.

Written By Laurie Gibbett

Why Security Career Journeys Need to Start From an Early Age

Encouraging young people to pursue a security career is not just the job of the public sector. Organizations that hire security professionals also have a responsibility to help grow this talent pool.

The Vinyasa of Security: Why Continuous Improvement Is Essential for Any Cybersecurity Strategy

Like the concept of vinyasa in yoga, continuous improvement is the key to establishing and maintaining an effective cybersecurity strategy.

The National Cyber Security Centre and IBM Security Join Forces to Improve Security Skills

Organizations are struggling to hire enough people with the right security skills. Industry and government must work together to give more opportunities to potential cyber talent.

For the Love of SIEM

Not feeling the love from your SIEM solution? Integrate it with existing tools to best fit the unique needs and goals of your business.

2017: A New Year’s Security Resolution

IT leaders should make a security resolution to improve basic hygiene, back up data regularly and share threat information to fight cybercrime in 2017.

Raising the Profile of Women in Security

Despite the shortage of women in security, the barriers to achieving gender equality are coming down as women gain more influence in the industry.

Millennials Are Not Burdens but Vital in the Security Workforce

Millennials are not the problem; they're the future. The ability to attract and retain millennial talent is a vital to long-term success in security.

IoT Security: A Government Perspective

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything — even how the government operates. But these bodies need to put security and citizen safety first.

Proactive Cybersecurity: Defending Industrial Control Systems From Attacks

Proactive cybersecurity solutions are needed to protect critical industrial control systems from the growing risk of cyberattacks.