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Lee Wei

CTO for Endpoint and Mobile Security, IBM

    Lee Wei is the CTO for Endpoint and Mobility Management within IBM Security and previously worked for both Oracle and Cisco when both companies had less than 2,000 employees. He has seen how leading technologies cross the chasm from an innovative idea to mass market adoption. Lee Wei has been focused on the IBM endpoint security management technology (BigFix) for the last 10 years, evangelizing and implementing the solution globally at large distributed enterprises. His passions and strengths span both high level vision and hands-on implementations. He is an often found speaking at security events; and he has written numerous tools, utilities, and reports for the endpoint manager community which are in popular circulation.

    Written By Lee Wei

    National Security Requires Real-Time Endpoint Compliance

    Federal agencies need to implement a continuous management solution to remain in compliance and prevent cyberthreats from compromising national security.