Leslie Horacek

Senior Managing Security Consultant, X-Force, IBM
Leslie Horacek is Senior Managing Security Consultant with IBM X-Force, an elite global team of security experts analyzing the most pressing cybersecurity threats. Far from her native Oklahoma, Leslie is a Belgian expat who has traveled throughout Europe and the Americas educating on emerging threats. In over two decades working with X-Force, Leslie has cultivated a keen sense for seeing patterns in how attacks have evolved year to year, as well as the key role human behavior plays in the mix. Along with strong technical and business skills, Leslie has a passion for the study of human consciousness, psychology and introspection. Combined, her diverse background has served to identify new business opportunities while designing innovative solutions for client strategies that help drive growth for X-Force and IBM Consulting. Her previous roles include Product/Offering Manager, Software Engineering, former Editor-in-Chief of the X-Force Trend and Risk Report (now Threat Intelligence Index), EMEA Business Line Manager and Technical Market Strategist.
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