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Leslie Horacek

IBM X-Force Offering Manager for Security Content and Research

    Leslie Horacek is the X-Force Offering Manager for Security Content and Research and has worked in IT security since 1999. She has held various roles as a QA engineer, product manager and strategist, creating a diverse and complimentary skill set that plays a pivotal role across the IBM Security portfolio.

    Written By Leslie Horacek

    2016 IBM X-Force Report: Breaches Without Borders and Tales From the Cybercrime Underground

    The latest IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report revealed some interesting trends regarding cybercrime in 2015 — and noted how it surpassed expectations.

    Anonymity and Cryptocurrencies Enabling High-Stakes Extortion

    The third 2015 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly has been released, detailing the evolution of ransomware, anonymous routers and more.

    Are Cracks in the Digital Foundation of the Internet Crumbling the Core?

    Today, IBM released the first 2015 X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly, along with the announcement of the X-Force Interactive Security Incident website.

    IoT: Will Ubiquitous Connectivity Mean Less Security?

    The fourth edition of the 2014 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly focuses on security threats that could arise from the Internet of Things (IoT).

    Why Heartbleed Still Matters: Hindsight in the Age of Pervasive Exploits

    The latest IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report discusses the aftermath of the Heartbleed vulnerability, what organizations can learn and improve upon.

    Underestimating Your Security Tactics? Attackers Won’t!

    IBM X-Force report reveals the latest challenges faced by security researchers on the front lines and how attackers are recycling old spam techniques.

    Half a Billion Reasons Why Data Security Still Faces Major Challenges

    Latest security trends—from malware delivery to mobile device risks—based on data and ongoing research from the IBM X-Force Research team on today’s security threat landscape. Wherever you go, attackers will follow as security attacks are...

    New Research Reveals Top Tactics Behind Today’s Cyber Attacks

    New research from IBM X-Force reveals top tactics behind today's cyber attacks. While vulnerability statistics, attack trends, and data breaches are all covered in detail, one of the more interesting points of discussion is a look at the psychology...

    Co-Written By Leslie Horacek