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Lorielle Paulk

Product Marketing Manager, X-Force IRIS

Lorielle Paulk, Product Marketing Manager for IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS), is responsible for defining and executing the strategic marketing activities of X-Force IRIS to protect customers from cyber threats. With a degree in marketing from Georgia State University, Lorielle translates complicated cyber security issues into simplified topics that is easily understandable by all cyber security business stakeholders. Follow Lorielle on LinkedIn.

Written By Lorielle Paulk

Podcast: X-Force IRIS’ Kat Tasiopoulou Envisions the Future of Incident Response

In this episode, Kat Tasiopoulou discusses her role of the X-Force IRIS team, her recent British Computer Society award, and the future of incident response.

Incident Response 2020: Cyberthreat Training Goes Mobile With the X-Force Command C-TOC

Listen to this podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud or wherever you find your favorite audio content. Cyberattacks can happen anywhere and at any time. IBM Security recently made a giant leap toward leveling the playing field with its new Cyber Tactical...