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Luis Casco-Arias

Senior Offering Manager of Data Security, IBM

Luis Casco-Arias is a Senior Product Manager responsible for driving the Data Security and Compliance product line release and strategy for the IBM’s Security Systems Portfolio. Since 1991, he has lead diverse IBM efforts in OS/390 requirements, DCE Security development, Distributed Systems sales support, Tivoli Security Market Management, and Tivoli SMB Market Strategy. In recent years, Luis has driven and influenced product direction for Identity and Access Management, Security Information and Event Management. Currently, he is interested in expanding the IBM InfoSphere Guardium portfolio for Data Protection into new markets such as Data Security Intelligence and Governance, Unstructured Data Protection (including Big Data), Managed Services and Cloud/SaaS.

Written By Luis Casco-Arias

Cloud Has Torn Down the Firewalls: Can You Protect Your Cloud Data?

As clients embrace cloud environments, firewalls come down and new types of users start accessing cloud data, introducing additional security challenges.

For Data Security, Catering to the Business Will Be Essential

In order to leverage the value of our data security solutions, we must address usability and translate actionable items at the business analyst level.