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Lyndon Sutherland

Senior Threat and Intelligence Analyst, IBM X-Force

    Lyndon Sutherland has been involved in Network Engineering and Security for more than twenty years, fourteen of which have been with IBM. His work with IBM as a researcher and analyst led him to joining the X-Force Threat Analysis Service (XFTAS) in 2008. In addition to XFTAS, he also works with the Managed Security Services Threat Research Group writing and contributing to research papers.

    Written By Lyndon Sutherland

    Downward Trend in Publicly Available Exploit Code? Don’t Ease Up on Patch Management Just Yet

    IBM X-Force reported a downward trend in publicly available exploit code, but security teams must still prioritize vulnerability and patch management.

    The Weaponization of IoT: Rise of the Thingbots

    The IBM X-Force team tracked the weaponization of IoT devices and found that the threat of so-called thingbots increased dramatically in 2016.

    Mirai Evolving: New Attack Reveals Use of Port 7547

    Cybercriminals recently discovered how to modify the Mirai botnet source code, which leaked in September, to compromise devices remotely via TCP port 7547.

    Want Fries With Your EXTRABACON or EPICBANANA? Cisco Addresses Two New Vulnerabilities

    Cisco recently addressed two exploits that sound more like delicious drive-thru menu items than dangerous security risks: EXTRABACON and EPICBANANA.

    The Threat From Weaponized IoT Devices: It’s Bigger Than You Think!

    Cybercriminals are leveraging IoT devices to carry out extremely sophisticated attacks. How do you protect yourself and your organization?

    Account Takeovers: They Can Happen to Anyone

    Social media account takeovers have recently impacted some high-profile individuals and groups, but a few simple measures can greatly reduce this risk.

    Know Your Enemy: Understanding the Motivation Behind Cyberattacks

    Understanding the motivation behind cyberattacks — and knowing who could be after your organization — can help you reduce your security risk.

    2015: An Eventful Year in Cybersecurity

    A look back at data breaches in 2015 and some simple steps that can be the difference between investigating an alert versus investigating a breach.