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Lynn Price

Security Strategist and Financial Sector Lead at IBM

Lynn Price has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology with broad experience in digital applications, networking and security. She's held many leadership and management positions advising clients on their management of digital services. Specifically she's advised many Financial Services clients on forward leaning security trends, directions, strategies and solutions. As a Financial Security Strategist for IBM's Security Systems, she offers a confluence point of security expertise and insights into the sector where she is an author and a voice to internal and external communities.

Written By Lynn Price

Accountability Key to Third-Party Security Management

Organizations must hold third-party vendors, partners and service providers accountable for the role they play in ensuring the enterprise's security.

Financial Institutions Are a Top Target for Malware Attacks

The direct correlation of the breach of half a billion records of personally identifiable information (PII) to the bottom line profit margin has not been lost on the Financial Sector. As financial services CEOs and board executives are asking their...

Big Data and Actionable Analytics: Is it All Hype?

Is there value in big data and analytics or is it all just hype? Here are four ways to derive actionable value from big data and analytics.

Top 8 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Cloud Provider

When making decisions on cloud computing solutions, security can easily be dwarfed by over-riding pressures of moving new services to market. So what are some of the top questions to consider when evaluating a cloud provider?

Insider Fraud: Mission Impossible?

There are many questions about what level of planning, technology and intelligence is really required to pull off insider criminal activity such as we see in financial services today. In the financial sector where malicious insiders are among the...

Why Most Organizations are Still Unprepared for DDoS Attacks

DDOS is still a viable weapon for nation-states, hacktivists, fraudsters, and gangsters. The cyber world is full of anonymous arsonists, and too many firms are still without adequate fire protection. The old fire hoses are not enough to quell the...

The Rise of the Data Scientist in the Security Environment

We are again entering a new era and it’s the dawn of Big Data. Man has invented new tools and technologies that can reshape information in ways that were previously inconceivable. Tools like Hadoop can be exploited to their greatest value by...

Arming the Front Lines of Security: Top Reasons to Educate Your Consumer

The world is evolving quickly to an environment where handhelds are prolific, the traditional security perimeters are evaporating, and the end consumer plays a greater role in protecting businesses. It only makes sense to arm them with education...

Co-Written By Lynn Price