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Lynne Murray

WW Program Director, IBM Security for Guardium

Lynne Murray is WW Program Manager for IBM Security Guardium data security solutions. With more than twenty-five years of high technology marketing and industry experience, she writes about the latest advancements in data security and privacy; information governance and compliance, as well as data analytic technologies. Ms. Murray was the Director of Marketing at Guardium, prior to the acquisition by IBM in 2010. Ms. Murray holds a BS/AS from Bentley University.

Written By Lynne Murray

Failure to Communicate Critical Data Risk to Business Leaders Can Have Perilous Consequences

To avoid the disastrous consequences of a breach, security professionals must be able to effectively communicate critical data risk in a language business leaders can understand.

Five Epic Fails in Data Security: Do You Know How to Avoid Them?

By avoiding these common data security failures, organizations can protect their valuable assets and steer clear of the next major data breach.

Avoid Lengthy Pit Stops Along the Road to the Data Protection Finish Line

Many companies lack a sense of urgency in the race toward total data protection and are unprepared to deal with attacks, compliance requirements and more.

Crawl, Walk, Run: Data Security Deployment Advice

A successful data security strategy should be handled in three stages: crawl, walk and run. You can learn more at InterConnect 2016.

Winter Is Here! Are We Headed for an El Niño-Like Data Protection Landscape?

Monitoring and tracking weather patterns is not that different from observing cyberthreats. Are you prepared with the best data protection strategies?

How to Stop Data From Leaving the Building

IBM and Forrester Research have teamed up to provide some video guidance for enterprises facing the challenges surrounding data protection.

Stop Unknown Threats Before You’re Breached: Apply Analytics to the Challenge of Security

Security tools can help organizations lock down critical data, and the most advanced options enhance data protection with intelligence and analytics.

Bridging the Gap Between Your Security Defenses and Critical Data

When you're reviewing your current critical data security strategy and thinking of ways to improve, are you asking yourself these five basic questions?

Analyst Report: Implement a Proactive Strategy for Data Security

Data Security And Privacy Are Critical Business Imperatives in the Data Economy Hardly a week goes by without headlines about a breach of customer data. Less frequent, but just as alarming, are the publically reported examples and allegations of...

E-Book: 4 Steps to a Proactive Big Data Security and Privacy Strategy

Big data contains valuable information— some of it sensitive customer data—that creates a lot of risk. It can be a honeypot for internal and external attackers, but accidental and unforeseen data leaks are just as damaging as deliberate attacks....