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Magal Baz

Malware Researcher, IBM Trusteer

    Magal Baz is a malware researcher for IBM Security's Trusteer's group. He has been a member of the Trusteer cybercrime labs for the past two years. Magal has a keen interest in network security, reverse engineering and malware analysis.

    Written By Magal Baz

    Dridex’s Cold War: Enter AtomBombing

    IBM X-Force researchers discovered that an upgraded version of Dridex has been using a new injection method, signifying the Trojan's continued evolution.

    Protected API Calls and String Constants: Looting Dridex’s Candy Box

    Like a child hiding candy from thieving, sweet-toothed siblings, Dridex uses clever tricks to keep secrets regarding its malicious code from researchers.

    Co-Written By Magal Baz

    TrickBot’s Cryptocurrency Hunger: Tricking the Bitcoin Out of Wallets

    TrickBot is getting in on the cryptocurrency gold rush, expanding its operations to target digital wallets and exchanges using serverside injections and other malicious tactics.