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Marc van Zadelhoff

General Manager, IBM Security

Marc van Zadelhoff is the General Manager for IBM Security, the fastest-growing enterprise security company in the world.Before taking over as head of the IBM Security business, a business he helped IBM architect several years ago, Marc was Vice President, Strategy, Marketing and Product Management for the division.In his leadership role, Marc continues to help clients around the world develop a security strategy and employ the best technologies to meet their specific security needs. He is responsible for leading the IBM Security team in the development and delivery of software and services offerings that protect enterprises with intelligent, integrated security solutions and expertise.

Written By Marc van Zadelhoff

Simplify Your Security With an Open Cloud-Based Platform

Today, we're announcing IBM Security Connect, an open, cloud-based platform that is capable of analyzing federated security data across unconnected tools and environments.

Cybersecurity’s Next Major Challenge: Connecting Human and Machine Intelligence

Today, IBM introduced the Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) with Intelligent Orchestration and X-Force Threat Management services to help organizations connect human and machine intelligence.

A Letter From the Future: It’s January 2019 and Hackers Are Stealing Your Data

It's January 2019 and cybercriminals are stealing your customer data. How will you use AI to execute your incident response plan and master the basics to avoid future incidents?

Cisco and IBM Raise Cybersecurity to the Power of Two

Cisco and IBM recently announced they are joining forces to empower cybersecurity teams to more effectively share threat data.

Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap With a New Collar Approach

In response to the ever-widening cybersecurity skills gap, many organizations are hiring new collar workers to fill open IT positions.

IBM and HCL to Drive Growth and Innovation in Application Security Space

IBM and HCL have partnered to build additional application security features and functionalities based on business realities and client priorities.

Cognitive Security Helps Defend Against Cybercrime

IBM is introducing a cloud-based version of its cognitive security analytics solution that uses core Watson technology trained in the language of security.

IBM Security Announces New Incident Response Capabilities

IBM will provide the industry's first combined Security Operations and Response Platform, spanning the entire life cycle of an incident.

Top 5 Security Actions Every CEO Should Take

A CEO should follow these five security principles in order to keep enterprises safe from potential threats and security breaches.

How important is integration when it comes to IT security?

Every organizations wants to reduce risk, prevent incidents, and in the event they do happen, to react with speed. But in IT security the requirements, and failures associated with lack of integration, are often less obvious.

Co-Written By Marc van Zadelhoff