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Marc von Mandel

Product Marketing Manager, IAM & Product Professional Services

Marc von Mandel leads the global portfolio marketing efforts for Identity and Access Management Services (IAM) and Product Professional Services at IBM. Marc has been published in a variety of industry publications, including CSO Online and Adobe CMO.com. Prior to IBM, Marc has worked in the information technology field for nearly a decade with a focus on cybersecurity, public cloud computing, and IT hardware and software.

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Uncover Modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) Challenges With Enterprise Design Thinking

Identity and access management (IAM) has become increasingly challenging due to the complexity of more devices, applications, information, users and data privacy regulations.

How to Accelerate Your Cloud IAM Adoption

Moving identity management processes to cloud IAM services introduces benefits such as cost-efficiency, flexibility, faster deployments and simplified operations.

Design Your IAM Program With Your Users in Mind

To gain the buy-in you need to make your IAM program successful, it's important to consider your employees' goals and needs during the design process.

Achieve More Than Compliance: How to Get the Most Out of Your Identity and Access Management Solution

Improving identity and access management (IAM) cybersecurity is critical, but how can enterprises bridge the gap between user expectations and SLA demands? Listen now to find out.

Why It’s Time to Embrace the Potential of Privileged Access Management Solutions

Privileged access management is a critical part of any effective security program today, but many organizations are struggling to make the switch.

How Do You Know if Your Privileged Accounts Are at Risk?

Since the majority of data breaches involve privileged accounts, it's critical to keep those accounts as secure as possible.