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Mark Buckwell

UKI Chief Technical Officer, IBM

Based in the UK, Mark provides technical leadership for the UK and Ireland professional services team within IBM Security. Mark is an experienced security technical leader with 24 years of experience designing and implementing security solutions for hundreds of organizations globally. His roles have included development of strategy, architecture, design and delivery of security solutions to transform retail, insurance, banking and public sector clients. He also leads development and delivery of the Enterprise Cybersecurity degree module for the University of Warwick.

Written By Mark Buckwell

Bringing Systems Integration Skills to Cybersecurity Degree Students

The Enterprise Cyber Security (ECS) module teaches cybersecurity degree students to think of security as a system of interrelated, integrated components.

A Fast Start to Your Security Immune System

To set your security immune system on the right track, begin by assessing the controls in place, identifying gaps and generating a road map of initiatives.