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Mark Samuels

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Mark Samuels is an experienced business technology journalist with an outstanding track record in research. He specializes in the role of chief information officers (CIOs) and is adept at helping executives understand the business benefits of complex technologies. Key areas of interest include innovation, digital transformation, cloud computing, mobility, information security, ecommerce and big data. Mark has written articles for national newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times and The Sunday Times. He has also produced features and columns for a range of IT trade publications, such as Computer Weekly, ZDNet, Tech Republic, IT Pro, Channel Pro, CBR and The Register.

Written By Mark Samuels

Leaked Source Code May Lead to More Banking Trojan Attacks, Researchers Warn

Due to the recent leak of valuable source code on underground forums, security researchers predicted an increase in banking Trojan attacks.

Focus on People and Technologies to Manage Health Care Security Risks Through 2017

IT leaders must plan meticulously, train employees thoroughly and strike the right balance between software and services to shore up health care security.

Ad Fraud Generates Cash for Cybercriminals and Pain for Website Managers

Security researchers discovered two unrelated ad fraud campaigns in which cybercriminals hijacked clicks from authentic Google advertisements.

Added DDoS Threat Makes FireCrypt Ransomware a Menace Worth Watching

In additional to familiar malware processes, FireCrypt ransomware is capable of launching DDoS attacks after encrypting victims' files.

New Cybersecurity Regulation Adds Weight to Enterprise Security Efforts

The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) issued a new cybersecurity regulation requiring financial firms to submit annual security reports

Potentially Devastating PHP Vulnerabilities Discovered and Patched

Security specialists have unearthed three PHP vulnerabilities that could have had serious consequences for organizations and consumers alike.

Revised Mobile Banking Trojans Faketoken and Tordow 2.0 Threaten Customer Information and Business Integrity

Banking Trojans already pose a huge threat to finance firms. Now, cybercriminals have added encryption capabilities to two existing ransomware campaigns.

Ameriprise Leak Highlights the Crucial Role of Password Protection

The Ameriprise leak exposed sensitive financial data and highlighted the importance of password protection, especially when backing up confidential data.

The IT Skills Shortage Is Putting Businesses at Risk

The IT skills shortage is becoming critical, and the lack of suitably skilled cybersecurity expertise means business are being attacked.

IT Decision-Makers Must Respond Proactively to the Cybersecurity Skills Crisis

IT decision-makers and executives must take a proactive approach to hiring in the face of a worldwide cybersecurity skills shortage.