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Mark Samuels

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Mark Samuels is an experienced business technology journalist with an outstanding track record in research. He specializes in the role of chief information officers (CIOs) and is adept at helping executives understand the business benefits of complex technologies. Key areas of interest include innovation, digital transformation, cloud computing, mobility, information security, ecommerce and big data. Mark has written articles for national newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times and The Sunday Times. He has also produced features and columns for a range of IT trade publications, such as Computer Weekly, ZDNet, Tech Republic, IT Pro, Channel Pro, CBR and The Register.

Written By Mark Samuels

Personal Information Hack Leaves Children at Risk of Identify Theft

Researchers discovered thousands of pediatric medical records for sale online. This personal information is particularly valuable to identity thieves.

With Teddy Bear Bluetooth Hack, 11-Year-Old Proves IoT Security Is No Child’s Play

An 11-year-old boy used a clever Bluetooth hack to control his teddy bear and demonstrate that not even connected toys are immune to IoT security risks.

Growing Ransomware Risk Requires Stronger Security Controls

According to new research, IT professionals must implement stronger security controls to combat the growing threat of ransomware.

Microsoft Update Fixes Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

The most recent Microsoft update addresses a flaw in the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine that could enable attackers to commit remote code execution.

Gift Card Fraud Provides a Route to Criminal Riches

According to a recent Flashpoint report, gift card fraud is becoming an increasingly popular technique among cybercriminals.

Malware Campaign Targets Crucial Business Data

Organizations across a range of industries are being targeted in a sophisticated campaign that uses malware to put critical information at risk.

Rising Retail Fraud Gives Merchants Cause for Concern

Retail fraud continues to rise, and there is significant growth in online attacks across all sectors, according to the "2016 Global Fraud Attack Index."

Data Security Must Be a Business Priority

Data security is being put at risk through unsafe business practices, so IT managers must do more to keep enterprise information safe.

Vigilante White-Hat Hacker Boosts IoT Device Security

Hajime appears to have been created by a vigilante that is attempting to improve IoT device security and help IT decision-makers tighten defenses.

Businesses Take a Strategic Turn Toward Encryption

More organizations are taking a strategic stance to encryption, and they are deploying a range of technologies and techniques to keep data safe.