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Mark Samuels is an experienced business technology journalist with an outstanding track record in research. He specializes in the role of chief information officers (CIOs) and is adept at helping executives understand the business benefits of complex technologies. Key areas of interest include innovation, digital transformation, cloud computing, mobility, information security, ecommerce and big data. Mark has written articles for national newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times and The Sunday Times. He has also produced features and columns for a range of IT trade publications, such as Computer Weekly, ZDNet, Tech Republic, IT Pro, Channel Pro, CBR and The Register.

Written By Mark Samuels

Vigilante White-Hat Hacker Boosts IoT Device Security

Hajime appears to have been created by a vigilante that is attempting to improve IoT device security and help IT decision-makers tighten defenses.

Businesses Take a Strategic Turn Toward Encryption

More organizations are taking a strategic stance to encryption, and they are deploying a range of technologies and techniques to keep data safe.

Critical Vulnerabilities Put ICS Security at Risk

A new potential problem for ICS security stems from CODESYS, a hardware-independent middleware layer for programming IIoT and ICS devices.

Almost Half of UK Firms Lack a Formal Security Strategy

Most executives recognize the growing threat posed by cyberattacks, but few are putting the security strategy in place to help keep information safe.

The Next Destination for Your Security Operations Is the Cloud

Security operations are moving to the cloud, and IT managers are finding ways to support the use of a broad range of business applications on demand.

Hacked Site Reports Are on the Rise, Google Says

Hacked site numbers continue to increase, according to Google. Businesses must take steps to ensure their online properties are safe and secure.

Pre-installed Mobile Malware Targets Android Users

Security researchers have detected 36 Android phones with mobile malware pre-installed on the devices, bringing a wave of fresh concerns to enterprises.

New Security Ratings Could Help Bolster User Confidence

The decision by Consumer Reports to include security ratings in its product reviews could have implications for the way connected devices are designed.

Widespread Bug Bounty Program Could Help Harden Open Source Security

As part of HackerOne's effort to improve open source security, the vulnerability disclosure firm made its bug bounty program available for free.

Android Users Must Stay Alert to New Security Flaw

A new security flaw and fresh concerns about malware provide further evidence of the need for Android users to remain diligent to external risks.