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Mark Usher

Researcher with X-Force Content Security, IBM

    Mark Usher is a security researcher and engineer with the IBM X-Force team. His expertise spans a range of content security areas including spam filtering, web filtering, Internet application profile and IP reputation. He holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from the University of York, England.

    Written By Mark Usher

    Relying on Data to Mitigate the Risk of WordPress Website Hijacking

    To protect their WordPress sites from scammers, administrators must proactively patch and monitor their installations to weed out unwanted content.

    Co-Written By Mark Usher

    All in a Spammer’s Workweek: Where Do the Busiest Spammers Work Around the Clock?

    According to recent IBM X-Force data, spammers and spam botnets typically work the same hours we do to maximize their returns.