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Michael Melore

Cyber Security Advisor, IBM

IBM Cyber Security Advisor and recognized subject matter expert in Identity Access Governance, Access and Authorization architectures, and Security Intelligence. Past Professional Services and Consulting roles include: Lead architect for many of the largest authentication and authorization infrastructures. This includes two separate Billion user authentication infrastructures.Past speaking engagements include passionate discussions correlating blended threats across physical and logical infrastructure boundaries, Security Intelligence and Response, Identity Access Management and Governance, Security Visibility and Response, Defense in Depth, Security Immune System, Cloud Security, and Billion User Identity Crisis.Conference and Summit venues include Executive Alliance CXO Summits across US cities, Executive Network CISO Chapter Meetings across US cities, ISACA Pittsburgh Information Security Awareness Day, Nebraska Cyber Security Conference, Evanta CISO Summits across US cities, Montgomery County Community College, South Eastern PA Higher Education Executives Round table.

Written By Michael Melore

Why Encryption Is the Cornerstone of Your Cloud Security

When evaluating cloud providers, it's important to understand who is responsible for cloud security. Since the lines are often blurred, encryption is imperative to keep your data from prying eyes.

Cybersecurity Muscle Memory: Drilling for a Tight Incident Response

It's not enough to follow a rough outline of your incident response strategy. Conduct regular, intensive, detailed exercises within a well-defined framework to establish cybersecurity muscle memory.

The Future of Cognitive Security Is Now

Is cognitive security all hype, or can AI-powered tools help organizations defend their networks against evolving cyberthreats today?

When Blocking and Tackling Strategies Fail, Take a Page Out of the Threat Hunting Playbook

Many organizations still rely on reactive blocking and tackling strategies, but proactive threat hunting is the only way to detect the type of chatter that is indicative of an impending attack.

Where Is Your Sensitive Information and Where Is It Going?

To protect sensitive information, security professionals must know exactly where this data resides, who is accessing it, when it is being accessed and whether this activity violates policy.

The Risk Modeling Gotcha: Roles Are Like Hammers to Screws

Roles are meant to drive efficiencies in provisioning, user management and recertifications, but many organizations still use them in risk modeling, impeding maturity and productivity.

Drowning in a Sea of Passwords? It’s Time to Adopt a Password Manager

A password manager enables users to access all their login credentials with a single master password, eliminating the need to juggle multiple credentials to access various accounts.