Michael Melore

Cyber Security Advisor, IBM
IBM Cyber Security Advisor and recognized subject matter expert in Identity Access Governance, Access and Authorization architectures, and Security Intelligence. Past Professional Services and Consulting roles include: Lead architect for many of the largest authentication and authorization infrastructures. This includes two separate Billion user authentication infrastructures. Past speaking engagements include passionate discussions correlating blended threats across physical and logical infrastructure boundaries, Security Intelligence and Response, Identity Access Management and Governance, Security Visibility and Response, Defense in Depth, Security Immune System, Cloud Security, and Billion User Identity Crisis. Conference and Summit venues include Executive Alliance CXO Summits across US cities, Executive Network CISO Chapter Meetings across US cities, ISACA Pittsburgh Information Security Awareness Day, Nebraska Cyber Security Conference, Evanta CISO Summits across US cities, Montgomery County Community College, South Eastern PA Higher Education Executives Round table.
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