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Mike Spradbery

Security Technical Manager, IBM

As IBM’s Technical Leader for the UKI Security Systems Business, Mike Spradbery manages a diverse team of technical specialists who work with clients across all industries. During the past 20 years, Mike has worked with security, mobile, social and web experience technologies in a variety of business leadership, sales and technical roles.

Written By Mike Spradbery

Do We Need to Worry About Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is still a challenge for organizations. Security leaders should provide users with the tools they need and monitor unsanctioned use carefully.

Experiencing the Power of a Next-Generation Security Operations Center

Earlier this month, more than 80 security leaders entered the next-generation security operations center (SOC) experience at IBM Business Connect in London to see the difference that Watson and Resilient could make to incident investigation and...

Co-Written By Mike Spradbery

A Whole New Ballgame: Applying the Immune System Approach to Sporting Event Cybersecurity

Emerging mobile and cloud-based technologies present many new challenges pertaining to sporting event cybersecurity.