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Mike Elgan

I write a popular weekly column for Computerworld, contribute news analysis pieces for Fast Company, and also write special features, columns and think pieces for a variety of publications reaching millions of readers each month. Since the early 90s, I've worked as chief editor for WINDOWS Magazine and a variety of other tech publications, most of which I founded, co-founded or launched. I've also consulted for publishing companies (including Ziff Davis) and Silicon Valley startups on the development of innovative new content and media. I've moderated or spoken at hundreds of technology panels and events; appeared as a guest on BBC, CNN, CNBC, FOX News among others; and have been quoted by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR and hundreds of other publications and media organizations. I served for two years as TWiT's News Director and the anchored the daily show Tech News Today.

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Don’t Believe Your Eyes: Deepfake Videos Are Coming to Fool Us All

Deepfake videos that are indistinguishable from authentic videos are coming, and we can scarcely imagine what they'll be used for. We should start preparing for the worst.

Are You Really Covered by Your Cyber Insurance?

Statistically, you're probably not. Even those with cyber insurance often have policies that leave them exposed to certain types of breaches, regulatory fines and real-world financial losses.

Employees Are Working From Home — Do You Know Where Your Remote Work Policy Is?

A good remote work policy covers a broad range of categories, from employment rules to expense reporting to legal obligations. But the data security provisions are probably the most important.

AI May Soon Defeat Biometric Security, Even Facial Recognition Software

Threat actors will soon gain access to artificial intelligence (AI) tools that will enable them to defeat multiple kinds of authentication systems, even biometric security.

It’s Time to Dispel These Dangerous Password Security Myths

Passwords are bad, and alternatives abound. But first we need to overcome the common myths and misconceptions about the password.

How to Prepare for the Coming 5G Security Threats

5G communications networks will empower a future that some are calling the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" — but security leaders must prepare for the coming 5G security threats.

How to Stop Mobile Apps That Steal

One of the best ways for cybercriminals to deliver a payload on your organization's network is to smuggle it inside your employees' mobile apps.

4 New Smart Office Security Risks and How to Mitigate Them

The smart office market is forecast to double by 2023. But while IoT devices promise to bring a bevy of benefits, they also introduce entirely new categories of cyber risk.

How to Overcome Cognitive Biases That Threaten Data Security

No one is immune to cognitive biases, but how can IT decision-makers ensure that logical flaws don't weaken data security? Learn how to overcome these security flaws that exist in our heads.

Why You Need New Mobile Security Best Practices for Business Travel

In recent years, the risks associated with passing through an airport have changed dramatically. This demands a complete rethink about mobile security best practices for international travel.