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Mitch Mayne

Marketing and Communication, IBM

Mitch leads the communication, branding and content marketing agenda as part of IBM Security's Business Unit. Mitch has over a decade of experience leading technology marketing and communication efforts and writes about technology from a non-technical angle--translating deep technical content into consumable information for the business user. Mitch's expertise includes software, services, business partners, social media and platforms, and corporate brand design and integration. He holds a Masters Degree in Communication and Media from Stanford University.

Written By Mitch Mayne

Expert Advice from CBI: Securing Your Endpoint Landscape

IBM BigFix Detect includes new features to help organizations bolster their endpoint management strategies and prevent high-profile data breaches.

It’s Not Too Late: Take Back Control of Your Cybersecurity Now

"Take Back Control of Your Cybersecurity Now," the new e-book by Paul Ferrillo and Chris Veltsos, is an invaluable resource for nontechnical professionals.

Things IBM BigFix Can Do for Your Endpoint Security (That You Didn’t Know About)

Respected security leader Jason Cordell offered high praise for IBM BigFix in his ongoing blog series, writing that it "makes ... work very simple."

What’s the Big Deal With the IBM BigFix Culture?

What makes the culture at IBM BigFix so unique? Three employees give their opinions on working in the BigFix office and creating a great product.

Don’t Rely on Castles and Moats to Protect Your Data — Build a Healthy Immune System Instead

Organizations need to rely on an immune system approach to preventing and remediating threats — not the castles-and-moats defense of decades ago.

Stanford University IT Department Makes the Grade With IBM BigFix

At InterConnect 2016, the IT team from Stanford University detailed how IBM BigFix helped them lock down data without sacrificing the user experience.

Global Payments, Inc. Teams With IBM BigFix to Track Endpoints, Maintain PCI Compliance

At IBM InterConnect 2016, Darren Kroll of Global Payments, Inc. described how IBM BigFix made PCI compliance and auditing easier.

Winning the Three-Legged Race Toward Endpoint Protection

When it comes to endpoint protection, most IT security and operations teams function a lot like the pairs in a chaotic three-legged race.

From Health Care to Health Crisis: A Consumer’s Perspective on Health System Breaches and Stolen Customer Data

After being the victim of a health system breach that stole my customer data, I realized organizations need to invest in a threat protection system.

What Does Taylor Swift Know About Data Security?

At IBM InterConnect 2015, UC Berkeley security gurus used Taylor Swift memes to help make their points when describing how IBM helps them manage security.