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Mutaz Alsallal


Mutaz Alsallal is an MSS SIEM Analyst with IBM. In this role, he works to detect intruders based on analysis of security and network events. Prior to his role at IBM, he co-found Jamalon - the largest online bookstore in Middle East - and was a member of the Security Operation Center Support for Umniah Belong. Mutaz holds dual Computer Science degrees from Petra University and Wroclaw University of Technology.

Written By Mutaz Alsallal

Identifying Named Pipe Impersonation and Other Malicious Privilege Escalation Techniques

Security analysts can nip many cyberattacks in the bud by monitoring for named pipe impersonation and other activity indicative of privilege escalation.

Applying Machine Learning to Improve Your Intrusion Detection System

Security analysts can train intelligent intrusion detection systems to distinguish between normal and malicious traffic by creating generic data sets.

Detect Endpoint Threats by Analyzing Process Logs in QRadar

Using an SIEM solution such as QRadar, security professionals can analyze process logs to detect, hunt and trace the source of threats.

How to Add User-Defined AQL Functions in QRadar

IT professionals can leverage user-defined AQL functions in QRadar to perform complex calculations and analyze data retrieved from the Ariel databases.