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Neil Warburton

Security Architect, IBM

Neil Warburton is an IBM Security Architect within the IBM Security division. He has over 15 years experience in security, helping customers solve their security challenges. Neil has been involved in developing, deploying and testing applications for over 20 years. Neil has a Degree in Applied Computing and has worked on a wide range of systems: mainframe; midrange; PC and mobile and has an interest in IoT devices.

Written By Neil Warburton

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass: Protecting User Credentials in the Event of a Data Breach

Fraudsters are after more than just passwords, and protecting user credentials is more crucial than ever amid the increasingly advanced threat landscape.

Architectures for Securing IT Systems

IT analysts can refer to the human immune system as a model for securing IT systems through careful vetting of data and prioritization of threats.

My Employees Are in a Data Breach! What Now?

As a CISO, what can you do when your employees are involved in a data breach? What should you know about their potential involvement beforehand?

Digital Trust in an Analog World: Can Risk-Based Access Reduce the Barriers to Mobile Working?

Risk-based access, which combines pre-existing knowledge of users and devices with the proper context, may be a viable security solution.