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Nick Bradley

Practice Leader, Threat Research Group at IBM Security

    Nick Bradley manages IBM’s Cyber Threat Research and the X-Force Threat Analysis Group, responsible for collecting and assessing current cyber threats affecting IBM clients and the world in general. Nick’s teams are also responsible for publishing IBM’s Cyber Threat Index, an annual executive-level publication designed to offer insight into the threat landscape and assist decision makers in choosing where to invest to bolster their security posture.

    Written By Nick Bradley

    Cybersecurity Tips to Help Retailers and Consumers Stay Secure During the Holiday Season

    Consumers and retailers should implement these basic cybersecurity tips year-round to stay secure during the busy holiday shopping season.

    Relax and Shop, We’re Keeping Watch

    The IBM X-Force Threat Research team is keeping watch on all things retail during the upcoming Black Friday through Cyber Monday shopping weekend.

    Compromised Before My Very Eyes: How I Almost Got Hacked

    Here's the story of how I almost got hacked — and what you can learn from my close call to ensure the data breach doesn't happen to you.

    Danger on the Perimeter! About the Cisco ASA Vulnerability

    Cisco disclosed a vulnerability alert for their Adaptive Security Appliances (ASAs). The accompanying Cisco ASA alert should be of major concern.

    Financial Services Threat Landscape: Where’s the Money?

    The financial services sector remains the most targeted industry when it comes to cyberattacks, with campaigns such as Dyre Wolf leading the way.

    The Threat Is Coming From Inside the Network: Insider Threats Outrank External Attacks

    Outside attackers can be harmful to an organization, but a significant number of data breaches involve either malicious or inadvertent insider threats.