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Nilima Patwardhan

External Relations, IBM UK and Ireland

Nilima is the External Relations lead for Security and GDPR across IBM UK and Ireland. She works closely with the IBM Security Business Unit and also aligns closely with colleagues across the marketing and communications functions to uncover stories across Skills and Research and Innovation that resonate in the security industry. Nilima has worked in the External Relations function for 10 years and her areas have included Cloud, Social Business and Diversity and Inclusion. Prior to this, Nilima spent 10 years in European Marketing roles covering industries such as pharma and retail. Nilima is on a journey of mindfulness and has a keen interest in helping to make the world work better.

Written By Nilima Patwardhan

IBM Watson Augments Security Analysts With Machine Learning Capabilities

By augmenting the skills of their human security analysts with machine learning capabilities, organizations can boost the efficiency of their SOCs and stay ahead of evolving cyberthreats.

A Safer Internet Starts With Us All: Three Things I Pledge to Do

A safer internet starts with us all. What will you pledge to do this Safer Internet Day to help raise security awareness and promote a better browsing experience for our children?