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Omner Barajas

Telematics Engineer born in Colima, Mexico. I am a technology geek, information security professional.My background as system and network administrator while working for GE in Stamford, CT gave me a good profile to enter into IT security world.Currently working for IBM as IT Security Services Specialist taking the lead for a group that support manufacturing division.

Written By Omner Barajas

Multistep Authentication Is No Longer Enough for PCI Compliance

To meet PCI compliance, organizations must implement multifactor authentication, as opposed to a multistep process, to protect the cardholder data environment from unauthorized access.

Is PCI Compliance Enough to Protect Us From Advanced Threats?

The security standards being adopted by the payment card industry (PCI) are not without vulnerabilities that could leave personal information at risk.

Internet of Things Era to Rapidly Change Business Processes and Security

The era of the Internet of Things is upon us and is changing how companies operate at all levels of business and interact with clients and personnel.

How the Internet of Things (IoT) Is Changing the Cybersecurity Landscape

Privacy is a significant concern in the Internet of Things. It is already changing the security landscape and exponentially expanding the attack surface.