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Ori Bach

Senior Security Strategist, Trusteer

Ori Bach is a product and risk management expert with 12 years of expertise in the financial services fraud and compliance space. He currently serves as Senior Security Strategist at IBM-Trusteer.Ori previously worked at NICE–Actimize for 9 years as Director of Solutions Management, where he helped oversee various aspects of company’s fraud and case management solutions. Ori has an LLB degree from Tel-Aviv University and is a member of the Israeli BAR association. Ori's special areas of interest are analytics and the interdependencies between risk management and customer experience.

Written By Ori Bach

The Dyre Trojan and the Art of War

The Dyre Trojan is a great example of a threat that combines sophisticated tactics with an impressive strategy, resulting in a worthy cyber opponent.

Mobile Malware Threats in 2015: Fraudsters Are Still Two Steps Ahead

Mobile malware threats continue to be a major problem for individuals and enterprises alike, and the risks are only getting more severe.

Tinba: World’s Smallest Malware Has Big Bag of Nasty Tricks

Researchers identified a new version of the Tinba malware as one that is targeting European banks, and this tiny Trojan is doing major damage.

Are You Ready for the Mobile Banking Authentication Challenge?

Fraud attacks may not yet be prevalent on mobile banking channels, but institutions should still strive to get out in front of the challenge.

Remote Overlay Virtual Mugging Toolkit Targeting Brazilian Online Banks Discovered by IBM Trusteer

IBM Security Trusteer has discovered a tool called KL-Remote that is helping cybercriminals in Brazil commit online banking fraud with a "virtual mugging."

Protecting Against the Dyre Trojan: Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

The Dyre Trojan has been involved in a series of phishing attacks against banks, raising concern that protecting against it is too difficult.