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Pamela Cobb

Market Segment Manager, IBM X-Force and Security Intelligence

Pamela Cobb directs product marketing activities for the IBM X-Force and Threat Protection offerings developing messaging, collateral, website content. She came to IBM through the acquisition of Internet Security Systems, where she managed the Competitive Intelligence function. Elsewhere in IBM, Pam has worked in database marketing and market insights focusing on Midmarket and Hardware products She's earned the IBM Forward Thinker Award and IBM Global Best Database Marketing Practice Award, and has been published in the Journal of Competitive Intelligence.

Written By Pamela Cobb

Take Advantage of Security Cheat Codes With Behavioral Intelligence

Behavioral intelligence helps analysts understand behavior patterns to sniff out insider threats before they occur — a kind of cheat code for IT security.

Going for Gold: Cybercrime and the Brazilian Threat Landscape

The upcoming international sporting event in Rio de Janeiro provide an opportunity for cybercriminals to exploit the Brazilian threat landscape.

Hacking the Connected Building: Real-Life ‘Mr. Robot’

The second season of "Mr. Robot" could focus on IoT and hacking a connected building, just like the IBM X-Force team was able to do in real life.

Security Glue: How Threat Intelligence Binds Security Providers and Partners

Threat intelligence is the glue that holds security together. It helps create a picture of the most serious threats facing any organization.

Does Mom Know Best About Internet Security?

What does mom know about security? Probably more than we'd like to admit. Here are some of mom's favorite life lessons, security-style.

The Security Sommelier: Optimal Pairings With IBM Security App Exchange

The IBM Security App Exchange can act like a sommelier, expertly pairing your security solutions with the best apps for your needs.

The Bacon of Security: How Threat Intelligence Complements Cloud Protection

Threat intelligence is one security seasoning that most people can't get enough of, and now it's being added to cloud security.

Is It the Breadth of the Breach or the Value of the Volume?

Organizations that suffer a breach face extremely high costs, but cybercriminals don't have to cough up as much to start building profiles of victims.

Triple Threat: Engaging a Trifecta of Threat Intelligence From IBM X-Force

The newly launched IBM X-Force Incident Response Services completes the trifecta of actionable threat intelligence from IBM X-Force.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate and IBM X-Force

IBM X-Force is launching a two-part webinar series that will bring together cutting-edge security research and firsthand client experiences.