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Pamela Cobb

Market Segment Manager, IBM X-Force and Security Intelligence

Pamela Cobb directs product marketing activities for the IBM X-Force and Threat Protection offerings developing messaging, collateral, website content. She came to IBM through the acquisition of Internet Security Systems, where she managed the Competitive Intelligence function. Elsewhere in IBM, Pam has worked in database marketing and market insights focusing on Midmarket and Hardware products She's earned the IBM Forward Thinker Award and IBM Global Best Database Marketing Practice Award, and has been published in the Journal of Competitive Intelligence.

Written By Pamela Cobb

IBM X-Force Security Research in the Spotlight at InterConnect 2016

IBM's X-Force security research team has been hard at work, and many of their findings and analyses will be on display during InterConnect 2016 sessions.

The Ripple Effect of the CISO in the C-Suite

The role of the CISO is growing in prominence and importance, which has a massive impact on the rest of the C-suite and the organization as a whole.

A Kitten and an Information Security Analyst Walk Into a Bar…

What happens when a kitten and an information security analyst walk into a bar? In one scenario, the kitten teaches the expert some things about security.

Are Attackers Out-collaborating You on Mobile Application Security?

Strong mobile application security needs to be a part of your organization's overall security posture if you want to uncover vulnerabilities.

Making a Better Threat Management Sandwich

Find the best way to compile everything you want into your threat management sandwich — without making it so big it's impossible to consume.

The Myth of Stock-Busting Breaches

Do major data breaches wind up costing companies in the stock market? We examine this myth using some recent examples of high-profile breaches.

Don’t Click on That! Practical User Education for Ransomware and Other Malware

Malware and ransomware can strike users who aren't aware of best practices or common attack techniques, so it's up to security teams to raise awareness.

Markdown: Designer Vulnerabilities Get a Fresh CVSS v3 Look

The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) has been completely redone to more accurately reflect the scope and impact of vulnerabilities.

The Myth of One-Hour Forensics

Real-life incident forensics isn't like what's portrayed in Hollywood. But with the right security intelligence, you can still solve the mystery quickly.

The Myth of the Obvious Malware

Malware doesn't present itself like it's often depicted in the movies, so it's up to enterprises to be on the lookout for these stealthy programs.