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Pamela Cobb

Market Segment Manager, IBM X-Force and Security Intelligence

Pamela Cobb directs product marketing activities for the IBM X-Force and Threat Protection offerings developing messaging, collateral, website content. She came to IBM through the acquisition of Internet Security Systems, where she managed the Competitive Intelligence function. Elsewhere in IBM, Pam has worked in database marketing and market insights focusing on Midmarket and Hardware products She's earned the IBM Forward Thinker Award and IBM Global Best Database Marketing Practice Award, and has been published in the Journal of Competitive Intelligence.

Written By Pamela Cobb

The Myth of the Omnipotent Hacker

The way movies and television shows portray a hacker is far off from reality. In today's collaborative world, attackers are often working in crime rings.

No One Expects a Spam-ish Imposition

Just because you're familiar with spam and use rudimentary defenses to prevent it doesn't mean it's not a threat to your organization.

Does ‘Mr. Robot’ Reprogram the Hollywood Hacker Mindset?

The USA Network will debut "Mr. Robot" this summer, but just how realistic is this portrayal of cybersecurity, hacktivism and black-hat practices?

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly – 2Q 2015

The rise of social media, cloud, mobility and big data makes insider threats harder to identify, and provide more ways to pass protected information. The average organization monitored by IBM Security Services experienced approximately 81 million...

The Life of a Cyberthreat

Ever wonder how cyberattacks and malware are created, and how they get into your system to steal your data? See the life of a cyberthreat first hand, from the moment of its inception within the Dark Web of hackers, to when it is sent around the...

From the Dark Web to Your Data: Uncovering the Life of a Cyberthreat With Community Knowledge

IBM's X-Force Exchange emphasizes collaboration and intelligence sharing, using strategies used in the Dark Web to promote security and defeat criminals.

Crowdsourcing Security: Will the White Hat or Black Hat Win?

To win the war against black hat developers, white hats must collaborate with each other and their customers to share threat intelligence.

The New Face of Organized Cybercrime

The need for trusted threat intelligence is greater than ever, as 80 percent of cyber attacks are driven by highly organized crime rings in which data, tools and expertise are widely shared. Though hackers have mobilized, their targets have not. A...

Made for Headlines: Do Designer Vulnerabilities Compromise Security?

As vulnerabilities are now branded with catchy names and logos, security researchers should be careful not to compromise the responsible disclosure process

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly – 1Q 2015

The 2016 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report is now available! Read the complete report today. When we look back in history to review and understand the past year, you can be assured it will be remembered as a year of significant change. From...