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Patricia Diaz

Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM

    Patricia Diaz is a worldwide Portfolio Marketing Manager for IBM Security. Since joining IBM in 2014, Patricia has held roles in sales and product marketing within the Analytics and Security business units. She holds a BBA from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

    Written By Patricia Diaz

    Hacked by a Kid?! A Story to Illustrate the State of Authentication Today

    A 6-year-old child ordered $250 worth of merchandise by using her sleeping mother's fingerprint to satisfy her phone's authentication requirements.

    A Security Professional’s Cheat Sheet for the Holidays: Hacks, Breaches and More!

    This list of notable 2016 data breaches can serve as a cheat sheet for a security professional who is pressed for the latest tech news during the holidays.

    Security Starts With People: What it Takes to Ensure Simple Yet Strong Authentication on Mobile

    IT professionals and mobile app developers must figure out a way to implement strong authentication capabilities without complicating the user experience.

    Threatening Trends to the Banking Industry

    Major strides against banking cyberfraud have been made, but it is clear that fraudsters continue to reinvent themselves and their malware.

    The Case for IAM: Three Reasons to Develop Your IAM and Authentication Practices

    Most professionals grasp the importance of user authentication, but few recognize the benefit of using IAM and authentication as a standalone authority.

    Biometric Authentication: Finding a Balance Between UX and IT Security

    When it comes to authentication, most security professionals see it as a necessary evil. It provides security at the expense of the end user’s desire for a frictionless experience. That way of thinking, however, was challenged at the Opus...

    KuppingerCole Report Reveals Tremendous Growth in Interest of Web Access Management and Identity Federation

    A recent KuppingerCole report for web access management and identity federation called out IBM Security Access Manager as a leader in the space.

    Not All Heroes Wear Capes: How IAM Can Save You From Your Next Data Breach

    Identity and access management solutions that incorporate risk-based controls can help organizations avoid a potentially harmful data breach.

    The Always-On Culture + Mobile Access = IT Nightmare?

    Managing mobile access is an IT nightmare in today's always-on corporate environment, and security teams need all the help they can get.

    The Hidden Risks of Access Management

    Centralizing access management is the first step for organizations looking to take back control of enterprise access and risk.