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Patrick Kehoe

CMO, Arxan Technologies

Patrick is the Chief Marketing Officer at Arxan. He and the team at Arxan are in the business of understanding application security vulnerabilities and deploying approaches to protect applications -- building on over 10 years of research and intellectual capital on this topic. Mr. Kehoe brings over twenty years of experience working with software, hardware, and service providers in the High Tech industry. Patrick holds a degree in Computer Science from Vanderbilt University and a MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. In his spare time, he enjoys triathlons and traveling with his family.

Written By Patrick Kehoe

Leverage White-Box Cryptography and Tamper Resistance to Advance API Protection

Learn about the security risks associated with server APIs and techniques you can use to comprehensively mitigate these API-related risks.

Mobile Payment: Protecting Applications and Data From Emerging Risks

Cybercriminals are targeting mobile payment apps and information with a variety of cyberattacks. Here's what organizations can do to protect themselves.

Top 10 Actions for Runtime Application Protection

Here are 10 collaborative resources, including webinars, blogs, white papers and reports, designed to help application protection practitioners.

Under the Hood of a Connected Car Hack

As vehicles become more connected internally and externally – via wi-fi networks, satellite connections, cellular connectivity and the recent Intelligent Transportation Systems standard – the number of potential ways for an attacker to hack into...

Which Approach to Application Hardening Is Right for Your App?

Consider these four important factors when searching for a mobile application protection solution that's right for your company.

Is the Internet of Things Too Big to Protect? Not if IoT Applications Are Protected!

The massive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is making it harder to secure applications, but organizations can protect themselves via best practices.

Why Is Digital Piracy Running Rampant, and What Can We Do About It?

Digital piracy is growing at a rapid rate due to the modern distribution model, new technologies and mobile applications, increasing the need for security.

The State of Security for Mobile Applications

The "State of Mobile App Security" discusses security trends and threats facing mobile applications and what organizations can do to mitigate them.

Common Techniques to Hack Mobile Apps and How to Mitigate Those Risks

Cybercriminals use the following tools and techniques to hack mobile apps. Here's how you can harden and protect an application against run-time attacks.

How to Shift Your Application Security Approach to Improve Your Return

How to transition from a "fire-fighting" to a "fire prevention" application security strategy and improve your financial return.

Co-Written By Patrick Kehoe

Securing Mobile Banking Apps: You Are Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link

The consequences of cybercrime are well understood. What is not so well understood is how to prevent these attacks, especially in mobile banking apps.