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Patrick Routh

Offering Manager for QRadar - Cloud Offerings

Patrick Routh is an Offering Manager for QRadar focusing on a number of cloud initiatives to help strengthen IBM's efforts to secure customers' cloud infrastructure. He is a graduate of Amherst College with a degree in Computer Science and has been with IBM for over 2 years. Patrick began starting as a software engineer in the Analytics division before moving to IBM Security in an offering management role. He has ownership for IBM's Cloud Discovery App and QRadar's apps for Amazon Web Service (AWS), Azure, and Google cloud platforms in IBM's Security App Exchange and 3rd party Marketplaces.

Written By Patrick Routh

Cut Through the Fog: Improve Cloud Visibility to Identify Shadow IT

Security teams need a single, scalable cloud solution that integrates seamlessly with a SIEM platform to identify shadow IT — and cut through the fog of cloud security.

Co-Written By Patrick Routh

Three Steps to Secure Your AWS Environment Using IBM QRadar

IBM QRadar can help you secure your AWS environment by checking for misconfigurations, monitoring for anomalous activity and curating content rules.