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Patrick Vowles

Next Generation End Point Security Marketing, IBM

Patrick has over 25 years of hands-on IT and product management experience creating innovative connectivity, security and compliance solutions. After spending several years in technical roles supporting European operations for key LAN/WAN vendors, he spent several years supporting network infrastructure sales in New York City. Later at a global ISP, he created an entire managed security and SSL VPN remote access service. He also created virtualization and cloud security offerings at RSA and VCE, while contributing to projects such as the Cloud Security Alliance Consensus Assessment Initiative. Patrick then directed the content for a series of international Cyber Fraud and Cyber Attack summits before moving to IBM as part of the Next Generation Endpoint Protection marketing team.

Written By Patrick Vowles

Adapting Your Defenses to the Attack: The Next Generation of Endpoint Protection

The endpoint protection of the future must be able to identify indicators of compromise, locate vulnerabilities and move to patch them quickly.

It’s Time to Let Go of QuickTime for Windows

IBM BigFix has a fixlet available for corporate users looking to uninstall QuickTime for Windows, which was found to have serious vulnerabilities.