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Paul Gillin

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Paul Gillin is a speaker, writer and B2B content marketing strategist who specializes in social media. He is the author of five books and more than 300 articles on the topic of social and digital marketing. He was the social media columnist for B2B magazine for seven years and is currently a staff columnist at Biznology.com. He also writes regularly for the tech news site SiliconAngle. Previously, Paul was a technology journalist for 23 years.

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How to Take Advantage of Alarming Cybersecurity News

The security industry does a thorough job of conveying the latest cybersecurity news, albeit sometimes to the detriment of the people whose job it is to set security priorities.

Will We See the Rise of Vaporworms and Other New Fileless Attacks in 2019?

The evolution of the new and difficult-to-detect category of fileless malware may soon take an insidious turn with the development of what some researchers are calling vaporworms.

March’s Top Cybersecurity News Stories: Responding to Attacks, Women in Security and a New Community for Security Pros

In this month's cybersecurity news, major cities suffered crippling ransomware attacks, new research revealed a lack of incident response preparedness and IBM launched a community for security pros.

February’s Top Cybersecurity News Stories: Nice Phish You Got There

Last month's cybersecurity news cycle featured a tricky cryptocurrency-stealing Trojan, targeted phishing attacks, interesting insights about millennials' identity protection habits and more.

Read My Lips: Researchers Find Ways to Fool Speech Recognition Systems

Researchers have devised ways to manipulate speech recognition systems to carry out hidden commands, suggesting that cybercriminals will soon develop similar ways to exploit this technology.

January’s Top Cybersecurity News Stories: Jackpotting, Cryptocurrency Mining and Other Emerging Trends

The start of February is a great time for organizations and individuals to sweep away the confetti and dig into the most significant cybersecurity news stories from the past month.

Moving Target Defense: A Digital Shell Game

Moving target defense constantly shifts the environment surrounding sensitive data, making it harder for would-be attackers to identify vulnerabilities.

Wireless Security Lessons From the WPA2 Vulnerability

One of the biggest WPA2 vulnerability wireless security lessons: Few people are aware, fewer know how to patch it and fewer still will do so.

Have We Been Wrong All Along About Good Password Practices?

In its new guidelines on secure password practices, NIST recommended using long strings of random words instead of a combination of characters and symbols.

How Virus Protection Software Has Evolved With the Threat Landscape

Virus protection software has come a long way in the past 30 years, and the advent of machine learning represents a bright future for malware fighters.