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Paul Sabanal

Security Researcher, IBM

Paul Sabanal is a security researcher on IBM Security Systems’s X-Force Advanced Research Team. He has more than a decade of experience in the information security industry, mainly focusing on reverse engineering and vulnerability research. He has previously presented in several conferences on the topics of C++ reversing and various sandboxing technologies. His main research interests these days are in protection technologies, mobile security, and automated binary analysis tools.

Written By Paul Sabanal

Exploring Operating Systems for the Internet of Things

As the Internet of Things becomes more prevalent, the demand for the technologies needed to manage and secure devices becomes greater.

Thingbots: The Future of Botnets in the Internet of Things

Thingbots are poised to be the next major threat on the cyber landscape, attacking devices connected to the Internet of Things.

Hiding Behind Android Runtime

I recently gave a presentation at Black Hat Asia in Singapore. My talk discussed possible ways to create user-mode rootkits in the new Android Runtime.