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Peter Allor

Federal Security Strategist, IBM Security

Peter Allor is a Security Strategist on cyber incident & vulnerability handling, where he assists in guiding the company’s overall security initiatives and participation in enterprise and government implementation strategies. He assists the IBM X-Force research and development team with the collection, analysis and dissemination of information regarding cyber vulnerabilities, exploits, incidents, threats and early warning and coordinates for X-Force and IBM products.

Written By Peter Allor

The Game Is Afoot: Threat Intelligence Spans Machines to Automate Defensive Reactions

Defenders must share threat data and methods across organizations and industries. Threat intelligence requires a common machine-readable format.

Determining the Responsibility of a Vulnerability Disclosure

When it comes to reporting a vulnerability disclosure, there are many discussions happening about what is right and what is "responsible."

How to Improve Asset Management for Risk Assessment and Control

Asset management can be improved when responsibilities are shared and the inventory system is established, frequently updated and quickly actionable.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework, its future, and what it means to you

President Obama released the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, formally known as “Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Security.” The development of the Framework was initiated by the Executive Order 13636 with an aggressive timeline of...

Federal Reputational Risk and IT Security – Not Just a Private Sector Problem

Many would say that reputational risk is something that only the private sector should be concerned with, and that for the federal government it’s not really a big issue. But in today’s digital age, with citizens dialing in to social networking...

Incident Response and Big Data: A Federal Quick Reaction Force

Okay, so being a retired Army Officer, I try to relate issues around technology to other former military members in Cyber Security in terms we understand. Interestingly, I find that even those who were not in the military easily relate to the...

How to Protect the Federal IT Supply Chain

Supply chain security is something the federal government should be good at, right? After all, they know how to secure borders, to secure ‘lines of communication’ and buildings. There are several reasons why supply chain security so different...

Co-Written By Peter Allor