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Prafulla Mannewar

Compliance & Controls Consultant, IBM

Prafulla is Info Security Consultant in IBM GTS Security, Regulatory and Risk Management . He brings over 11 years of experience in IT Governance, Risk Management, ITGC Testing, Audit, Cyber Security and Compliance. His responsibility is to ingrain a culture of compliance & risk management and integrate controls as a fundamental part within organization. Prafulla is ISO27001:2005 Implementer from BSI India, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), CPISI(Certified Payment-Card Industry Security Implementer), COBIT 4.0 & ITIL V3 certified.

Written By Prafulla Mannewar

How to Protect Your Organization From Insider Threats

Malicious actors outside your organization aren't always the only ones at fault for data breaches. Comprehensive employee security training is crucial to minimize the risk of insider threats.

Moving Ahead With BYOD: How to Stay Secure

As more and more organizations adopt BYOD, it is important to implement security policies that will keep corporate information in the right hands.