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Preeti Sahu

External Relations Specialist, IBM

Preeti Sahu supports Security and Global Technology Services business units at IBM as an External Relations Specialist and is responsible for churning out high quality content for the team in various formats. Her current role involves creating, editing and repurposing assets like press releases, blogs, executive announcements, byliners, social content etc to name a few. Her educational qualification includes MBA in Communications Management from Symbiosis International University and B.E. from Biju Patnaik Technical University. She has over seven years of professional experience spanning technology and communications.

Written By Preeti Sahu

Is My Fitness Band Protected? An Exercise in IoT Security

Connected devices such as fitness bands hold the potential to revolutionize daily life, but they also pose IoT security risks.

Weighing the Benefits and Challenges of Cognitive Adoption

While it promises to improve quality of life across the globe, many are resistant to widespread cognitive adoption due to fear of change and other factors.

The Changing Fintech Landscape in Asia-Pacific and Its Security Implications

The fintech marketis growing in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in China and India, due to increasing innovation and a strong startup culture.

The Upside of the Skills Gap: A Chance for More Women to Enter the Security Industry

Women represent only 10 percent of the security industry. Closing the skills gap can help the IT industry fill the millions of empty security positions.

Know Your Security Loopholes to Outsmart Lurking Cyberthreats

IT managers must know what types of data cybercriminals covet to close any security loopholes that might lead to a security breach.

Where Are We on Cybersecurity in India?

The state of cybersecurity in India has been shaky during the country's rapid digitization, but companies are learning how to better prepare for incidents.

Redefining Digital Interactions in Asia-Pacific With Blockchain Technology

Widespread adoption of blockchain technology could help Asia-Pacific countries streamline ineffective processes related to logistics, trade and more.