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Raghu Dev

Identity and Access Management Strategy, IBM

    Raghu is currently responsible for IAM strategy for IBM. His most recent roles include: World Wide leader for Identity and Access Management services and director of North America Solution Architecture Oracle Consulting Services. Prior to these roles, he held various positions as VP of Operations for a security firm, was a systems engineer at Bell Labs and a network specialist (OSS) at BellSouth. He has additionally worked as a researcher for US Forest Service/NASA. Raghu has masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics and a Bachelors in Electronics.

    Written By Raghu Dev

    Access Management Resolution: Consolidating Actionable Access Data on a Single Pane of Glass

    Using several disparate tools for access management can create a fractured view of access data, decrease productivity and promote insecure behaviors.

    Access Management Resolution in the Digital Era

    As organizations continue to embrace the digital era and cloud services, it's more important than ever to find an access management resolution.