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Ralf Iffert

Manager, X-Force Content Security

    Ralf Iffert ist a research and development manager, leader and technologist. His expertise spans a range of content security areas including spam filtering, web filtering, web application control, and IP reputation. He holds a Diploma of Mathematics from the University of Kassel in Germany.

    Written By Ralf Iffert

    Enticing Clicks With Spam

    According to the upcoming IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, the creation of new TLDs is generating new ways for fraudsters to distribute spam.

    The Return of Image Spam

    Image spam had its heyday in 2006 and 2007 with more than 40% of all spams contained an image attachment. By the summer of 2007, the game seemed to be over and image spam threats stopped almost completely. Nearly five years later, in December 2013,...

    Co-Written By Ralf Iffert

    Cybercriminals Riding Tax Filing Tides: Tax Fraud Season in Effect

    IBM X-Force researchers discovered that the volume of spam email campaigns carrying tax fraud scams rises sharply during the months surrounding tax season.