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Reto Zeidler

Associate Partner Security Services, IBM

Reto Zeidler is is an associate partner for IBM Security Services and is an expert in strategy and security intelligence and operations. Since 1998, he has worked in IT as an engineer, consultant and manager in various industries. Reto holds degrees in Information Technology and Business Administration and is a lecturer for Information Security at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.

Written By Reto Zeidler

When It Comes to Incident Response, Failing to Plan Means Planning to Fail

In today's treacherous threat landscape, it seems the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against cyberdefenders. But there is one advantage attackers can't take away: thorough incident response planning.

Transform Your Security Strategy to Avoid Digital Roadblocks

To transform your security strategy, you must first establish a model of shared responsibility between security professionals and business units throughout the organization.

The Living Dead: How to Protect Legacy Systems

When patching legacy systems is simply not an option, security teams must take steps to minimize the risks associated with outdated software.

Security Awareness: How to Make Your Weakest Link Part of Your Defense

A well-aligned, orchestrated security awareness program can help IT leaders strengthen the weakest link in any security program: users.

More Than Meets the Eye: Five Common Misunderstandings About SIEM Solutions

SIEM solutions are not meant to prevent security breaches. Rather, they are designed to strengthen the organization's overall security posture.