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Richard P. Gingras

QRadar Swat Team, IBM Security

Product Specialist on IBM Security Intelligence assisting clients and sellers address cyber security goals and a provide a proactive posture against APT's, Malware and Insider Threats. Have been involved with QRadar Security Intelligence for over 6 years and am a go to SME at IBM.

Written By Richard P. Gingras

Why User Behavior Analytics Is an Application, Not a Cybersecurity Platform

User behavior analytics (UBA) is a good application, but it isn't a replacement for SIEM. UBA is more accurately described as a cybersecurity application that can be added on top of an SIEM tool.

Inspecting the Inspectors: How to Get the Most Out of Managed Security Solutions

The IT skills shortage has led many organizations to consider investing in a managed security service provider (MSSP). But how do you know which vendor is right for your business?

Don’t Risk It: Why You Shouldn’t Assume All Cybersecurity Solutions Are Based on Standards

There is no governing board or standard for cybersecurity solutions, so you can't assume all products of a given type are either equal or interchangeable.