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Richard O'Mahony

Senior Engineer, IBM Security

    Richard is a Senior Engineer within the IBM Security unit. His responsibilities include developing and securing the cloud platforms hosting the IBM cloud security offerings. Prior to his current role Richard has over 15 years experience developing enterprise software for the network and service management segments.

    Written By Richard O'Mahony

    Best Practices for Developing and Securing a Microservices Architecture

    When installing a microservices architecture, SecDevOps teams must understand the threat vectors and how they affect the company's compliance stature.

    Cloud Security: Are Adopters Asking the Right Questions?

    As providers continue to evolve and differentiate from one another, consumers must ask the right questions when shopping for a cloud security solution.

    The Insider Threat: A Cloud Platform Perspective

    Organizations can protect themselves from the dangers of an insider threat by implementing several cloud security best practices.

    Co-Written By Richard O'Mahony

    SecOps 2018: Cognitive Era and the Coming of GDPR

    As organizations prepare for GDPR in 2018, SecOps and cognitive technology will play crucial roles in helping to ensure improved security without compromising agility.

    SecOps Revisited: The Challenge of DevOps for Security

    Over the past 18 months, SecOps gained popularity in the developer and consumer communities as cybercriminals increasingly targeted cloud delivery models.

    The 2015 Rugby World Cup and Cybersecurity

    As the Rugby World Cup 2015 continues, we ponder the cybersecurity arena and highlight areas of interest from wearable technology to encryption.

    SecDevOps: Embracing the Speed of DevOps and Continuous Delivery in a Secure Environment

    DevOps and SaaS, by nature, are circular processes of planning, developing and operating, which allows teams to constantly improve the related security.