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Rick M Robinson

Rick Robinson is a writer and blogger, with a current 'day job' focus on the tech industry and a particular interest in the interplay of tech-driven factors and business considerations - think of the relationship between virtualization and cloud computing. Rick also blogs at Rocketpunk Manifesto on outer space, possible futures, speculative technology, and speculative literature. He has also had print articles published on aviation and military history.

Written By Rick M Robinson

Cloud Security Is a Moving Target

There are many misconceptions about cloud security, but one thing is for certain: Cybercriminals will always target high-value data wherever it resides.

Don’t Leave Your Keys in the Ignition — Safeguard High-Value Data With Privileged Access Management

For cybercriminals, failing to protect privileged credentials is like leaving the keys in your ignition. Implementing privileged access management is a crucial step toward minimizing cyber risks.

No Place For Passivity in Cybersecurity Leadership

Many organizations lack the cybersecurity leadership required to effectively defend their networks and proactively respond to data breaches when they do occur.

From Waterfall to SecDevOps: The Evolution of Security Philosophy

Unlike the waterfall and agile approaches to development, SecDevOps requires security to be built into projects from the outset, not bolted on afterward.

Revisiting the Top Security Threats of 2017

Many of the security threats we noted at the start of 2017 gripped the public's attention during the past year, foreshadowing major shifts to come in 2018.

Bringing Shadow IT Into the Security Light

Shadow IT is created by employees accessing cloud services without prior approval, and it can be devastating to your enterprise's security posture.

Don’t Let Network Complexity Tangle Up Your Security Strategy

Overwhelmed network managers can significantly reduce network complexity by using automation in tandem with a well-defined policy.

Fileless Malware Prompts Evolution of Endpoint Defenses

A new generation of fileless malware has emerged, taking advantage of dynamic environments and prompting the need for more advanced defenses.

Evolving Cloud-Native Applications Require New Best Practices

As cloud-native applications become faster and more flexible, the security solutions that protect these applications must take on the same characteristics.

SecDevOps: Putting Security at the Heart of DevOps

A SecDevOps cycle can help companies accelerate the development process, reduce code vulnerabilities and bridge the gap between agility and security.