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Rick M Robinson

Rick Robinson is a writer and blogger, with a current 'day job' focus on the tech industry and a particular interest in the interplay of tech-driven factors and business considerations - think of the relationship between virtualization and cloud computing. Rick also blogs at Rocketpunk Manifesto on outer space, possible futures, speculative technology, and speculative literature. He has also had print articles published on aviation and military history.

Written By Rick M Robinson

Staying Ahead of Threats in a Changing Technology World

Staying ahead of threats is the key to information security in the cloud and mobile era. Security intelligence is a vital part of any program.

Cybersecurity: Learn to Think Like the Enemy

The only way to really test your organization's cybersecurity measures is to attack them — which means learning to think like a black-hat hacker.

The Top 5 Retail Breaches

These top 5 retail breaches demonstrate why security is vital for retailers and highlight the steps companies should take to keep their customers safe.

Bring Your Own Device: The Enterprise IT Challenge That Isn’t Going Away

The bring your own device (BYOD) trend is probably here to stay, which means companies will need to secure their entire software stack, not just endpoint.

How to Enhance Security With Persuasive Technology

Persuasive technology can be used as a tool to make security more natural for users who may not necessarily be prioritizing safe practices.

Data Security Gets a Wake-Up Call From Blackphone

Blackphone offers a robust security and privacy suite, which is handy for sophisticated users but not a complete solution for all mobile users.

Building Cyber Security Right From the Start

Cyber security and privacy protection need to be built into the design of systems, not added as an afterthought, in order to properly protect them.

Cyber Security Threats Gain Boardroom Attention

According to a recent study, cyber security threats have become the number-one concern of corporate boards because of their possible scale and cost.

IT Systems and Security: Building Networks of Trust

Business, like all of social life, depends on networks of trust, and the great challenge for IT systems is building those networks.