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Rick M Robinson

Rick Robinson is a writer and blogger, with a current 'day job' focus on the tech industry and a particular interest in the interplay of tech-driven factors and business considerations - think of the relationship between virtualization and cloud computing. Rick also blogs at Rocketpunk Manifesto on outer space, possible futures, speculative technology, and speculative literature. He has also had print articles published on aviation and military history.

Written By Rick M Robinson

Using Layered Security to Keep Warm for the Winter

Security teams must implement layered security capabilities to defend against the variety of threats fraudsters launch to capitalize on the holiday bustle.

Fantasy League Security Risks Could Spoil a Season

The online fantasy sports gaming industry is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, so is the list of fantasy league security risks that threaten users' data.

Company Security Policies and Reading the Fine Print

Company security policies are usually long, convoluted and filled with jargon. This discourages users from reading the all-important fine print.

The Growing Threat of Cyber Extortion

In the shadowy world of security threats and bad actors, cyber extortion is a growing trend. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the vulnerability of intellectual property, threatening to release potentially embarrassing information and...

The Trump Security Platform: Maintaining the GOP Status Quo

The Trump security platform views government regulation critically while also assigning high priority to national security regulations.

Cybercrime-as-a-Service Poses a Growing Challenge

Cybercrime-as-a-service poses a new security challenge because it allows malicious actors to leverage other cybercriminals' resources to conduct attacks.

Risk-Based Security Lessons From Airport Lines

Take some time to reflect on how airport security and initiatives from the TSA can influence risk-based security practices in the enterprise.

When E-commerce Security Meets Brick-and-Mortar Retail

The line between physical storefronts and online retail is blurring, and as a result, e-commerce security is getting more complicated.

Information Security Trainings: Summer School Edition

Is it time to send your employees to summer school? As temperatures climb, set up information security trainings to increase their security awareness.

Can Artificial Intelligence Be Safe?

As artificial intelligence evolves, its related security concerns and implications will grow, as well. How can this technology be developed safely?