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Rick Robinson

Product Manager, Encryption and Key Management

Rick Robinson comes from a diverse background of architecture, development, and deployment of new products and services that employ cryptography in one form or another. He has numerous patents in the area of cryptography and computer security and helped customers in the financial, health, retail, manufacturing, and government sectors. Rick has been an active proponent of cryptography for business – applying standards-based cryptography, key management, PKI, and secure protocols to help business stay competitive in the ever-changing world of data security.

Written By Rick Robinson

Podcast: Monitoring National Cybersecurity Trends With Former NSA Deputy Director Bill Crowell

Former NSA Deputy Director Bill Crowell brings his insights and expertise to the podcast for a conversation about national cybersecurity trends and challenges.

Ransomware Recovery: Maintain Control of Your Data in the Face of an Attack

Organizations can significantly reduce the risk and cost of ransomware recovery by investing in cloud data protection tools that feature file and object store encryption capabilities.

When Nobody Controls Your Object Stores — Except You

Object stores are inexpensive and scalable, but how can you be sure your CSP will properly handle your encryption keys? How can you maintain the flexibility to switch CSPs if necessary?

Minimizing the Encryption Blast Radius

The only way to reduce the encryption blast radius is to keep moving forward and embrace the advancements the technology has undergone over the years.

Need-to-Know Only: Use Encryption to Make Data Meaningless to Prying Eyes

Data encryption is one of the most basic — and, given the right tools, most effective — ways to protect sensitive information from cybercriminals.

How Encryption Makes Your Sensitive Cloud-Based Data an Asset, Not a Liability

It's critical to protect sensitive cloud-based data using encryption while it is being stored, and to delete it securely at the end of its life cycle.

Achieving Security Conformance: The Importance of Encryption and Key Management Standards

Modern encryption standards have the potential to drastically improve the overall security of industries and the individual security products they use.

Three Things You Need to Know About Mainframes in the Cloud — and Why the z13s Rocks!

IBM has announced the z13s, a secure, high-volume, transaction-designed rocket ship ready to help businesses enhance their transaction processing.

Encrypted Data Islands: Encryption Keys Are Lost but Not Forgotten

Managing data encryption and encryption keys is essential for organizations to keep data under their control, whether it's on-premises or in the cloud.

Two Important Lessons from the Ashley Madison Breach

The Ashley Madison data breach was one of the most notable of 2015 so far, and there are several security lessons buried in the scandalous headlines.

Co-Written By Rick Robinson