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Rick Robinson

Product Manager, Encryption and Key Management

Rick Robinson comes from a diverse background of architecture, development, and deployment of new products and services that employ cryptography in one form or another. He has numerous patents in the area of cryptography and computer security and helped customers in the financial, health, retail, manufacturing, and government sectors. Rick has been an active proponent of cryptography for business – applying standards-based cryptography, key management, PKI, and secure protocols to help business stay competitive in the ever-changing world of data security.

Written By Rick Robinson

Forecasting a Breach Is Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack — Not That Tough

Forecasting a data breach doesn't have to be difficult. With the help of threat intelligence and collaboration, organizations can spot vulnerabilities.

What Do Silver Bullets, Bearings and Engines Have to Do With Security Intelligence?

While we have mastered designing and implementing bearings over time, we seem to continue to struggle with keeping security intelligence up-to-date.

The Impact of a Data Breach Can Be Minimized Through Encryption

As data breaches continue to plague retailers, organizations should consider encrypting their data to help reduce the impact of a potential data breach.

Cloud Key Management: Coming to a Cloud Near You

Cloud offerings are becoming a mainstay in Internet resources, but how do we control our cloud data? What is your cloud key management strategy?

Moore’s Law and Cryptography for Business – Do We Need a Larger Key Space?

How much energy and money is necessary to break cryptography that uses a 128-bit key?

Cloud Encryption and Key Management: Does History Provide the Answer?

As industry is assessing the use of the cloud to store and manage data, the question that is always asked is: is my data secure in the cloud? If we look at the problem from the perspective of a 19th century linguist and cryptographer, the answer is...

Three Lessons from the Target Hack of Encrypted PIN Data

On December 27, 2013, Forbes reported that encrypted PIN data had been stolen in a data breach. There are some important lessons about the Target Hack of Encrypted PIN Data that are worth highlighting.

38 Million Reasons to use Cryptography for Business

The tools of encryption and key management can (and should) be applied at numerous layers of business to protect, isolate, and control data. The technology is well-know and standardized. It is predictable and manageable and in no-way should be...

Co-Written By Rick Robinson